The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning within our membership.

Sigma Chi Fraternity best serves its purpose by developing, implementing and monitoring programs that foster leadership, build character and promote positive relationship skills which, in turn, enable our members to become productive and caring participants in their families, colleges, business, local Chapter and communities.


Consider what you have gained from Sigma Chi.  We all made a life long commitment to the Fraternity.  The Legacy our 7 Founders left to us, is still alive and thriving.  Sigma Chi will continue to grow by the participation of every Brother.  What can you do to help make the experience of being a Sigma Chi valuable to those just now entering the Brotherhood?  Become a mentor.... What is your Legacy to Sigma Chi been so far?  What will you legacy to Sigma Chi become?

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Our Alumni Chapter President Damon Hudson was accepted to Law School in Nebraska and Alex Borowski was accepted for Graduate school studies. We thank both of them for their contribution to the ABQ Alumni Chapter.  The new Alumni Chapter President - Jeff Herrera - President,  - Vice President position is now vacant. The - Sec/Treasurer position is taken by Jett Metcalf.  Both were duly elected at the recent Alumni meeting held at Chama River Brewing. They both will complete the term ending in December when new elections will be made.  Josh Gallegos, Jeff Carillo and Rich Griego are members at large. We invite any alumni brothers to attend our monthly socials on the second Thursday of each month, at 6 PM at Chama River Brewing Company.

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Here are some of the Brothers who attended.

Andre Hopf | Donny Martinez | Michael Wilson | Hal Rupracht | William Randell Alexander | Jeff Roberts | John Brown | Terry Felicetti | Michael Keleher | Hugh Church | Tim Melnick | Bernie Butterfield | John Morrison | William Randell Keleher | Gary Beals | Adrian Avila | William Randell Tharp | Armando Jaurequi | OT Garza | Alex Borowski | Rusty Shaffer | Francis Gonzales | Byron Kroner | Russell Moulton | James Apodaca | Tom Keleher | John G. Keleher | David Keleher | Tom Kelly | Timothy Moeller | Dan Swanson | Constantine Logothetis | Steven Kaestner | Dan Holton | Alan Sonntag | David Sahd | Roger Holton | Arthur Beach | Joe Phillips | Paul Garson | Jett Metcalf | Alan Sonntag | Rich Griego | Duke Thornton | Vic Zurcher | Frankie Gonzales | Larry German | Jeff Carrillo | James Salmon | Will Waskow | Edward Buddy McCausland | Mark Rainosek | Mark Thompson | Duncan Plymate | George Turner | Khoa Nguyen | Matt Salmon | Paul McCloskey | Damon Hudson | Ross Burkstalker | Jack Mulcahy | Gary Felicetti | Richard Marmon | Bill Bell | Jacob Salmon | Barry Scadden | Donny Martinez | Kile Turner | James Franczak | Jim Sanderson | Eric Goodwin | Steve Kotz | Ryan Lindquist | James Wilson | Wallace Bisbee | John Salazar | Gregory Garrecht | Michael Choate | Nate Steinberg | Jim Hargrove | Steven Hyder | Vasu Shah | Rick Sneddon | Matthew Crawford | Hayden Hargrove | Tyler Navarez | Michael Pierce | Bob Meiering | David Allen | Charles Cushing | Joe Porter | Greg Golden | Bud | Tom Weinshenker | Don Lindsey | Pano Argyres | Andrew Pierce | Alex Royce | Hank Axen | Ed Buck | Jeff Herrera | Jacob Stearns | Andrew Thirsk | Dan Malczynski | Nic Meyer | Tyler McKee | Connor Denman | Dominic Szabo | Brent Chiado | Bob Wilson | Eric Frazier | Eduardo Nunez | Bennett Myers| Joshua Gallegos | Marcos Mariscal | Johnny Mann | Paul Brown | Shahnam Sharareh | Johnny Volpato | Adam Ornelas | Thai Yaperwong


The Awards Banquet held at the Crown Plaza was a great success. Over 200 people attended the Grand Event. Details will be posted soon.  Thanks to all the Brothers who invested the time to come and all the family members who also attended. Three Grand officers, Grand Consul, Grand Tribune and Grand Trustee of our International fraternity were in attendance.

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