Fall Recruitment 2015

June 2015 -   Do you know of any young men who just graduated that you think are worthy of looking at what Sigma Chi has to offer?  We are looking for referrals so that we may contact them and start getting to know them.  Please send their contact info to

Jordan Monroe - Recruit Chair   757-284-4812   monroejordan94@unm.edu

Recruitment is going great.  Looks like the Chapter will get between 20 and 30 pledges.

Alumni interest and assistance is deeply valued by the Chapter.

Just a final note:  With the turmoil going on in the Greek community about pledge training programs and potential hazing, Universities through out North America are taking a hard stand on Greeks that do things they should not.  Times have changed.  We must embrace that and continue to be leaders. Sigma chi is taking a proactive, leadership role. Sigma Chi is rolling out an improved Pledge Program. We were able to review the program at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop recently held in Bowling Green.  The program does not remove anything, just reorganizes how I-week is conducted.  If you would like to know more information about the program, please call Steve Kotz at 505-400-6939 or Lee Morgan at 505-980-2499.

For those Alumni who would like to be a mentor to an Active contact Zac Rachal at 575-631-6199. beansrachal@yahoo.com

With the recent renovations to the house which include dorm hall carpet, living room carpet, resurface to the dining room floor, new tile around the fireplace and general clean-up, the Chapter is looking forward to a strong recruitment program.  We will keep you posted.  This is the life blood of the future for Sigma Chi at UNM.  We must all remember that Sigma Chi is a life long journey.  Once a Sig, always a Sig.