1/1/2015    Brothers...Happy New Year.  Lots of exciting items to work on this year.  We now have a new Alumni Chapter Board for the first time in years.  Special thanks for Brother Michael Dellow for stepping up last year to get the ball rolling again.  Brother Larry German was elected as the new Alumni Chapter President along with Mike Keleher as VP.  Bill Bell was elected Sec/Treasurer.  Now with this renewed interest in the alumni Chapter we are in the process of creating a Vision Statement along with specific goals and how to achieve them.  The Chapter needs lots of help in the form of ideas, participation, time or monetary support.  There is plenty to do.  As alumni, we have the skills and resource to help Sigma Chi provide a significant impact on our undergraduate Brothers for their benefit, college and community.  We can help provide a better experience than we had as an undergraduate.  Watch here for updates.  Remember to save the date of June 2016 for our Centennial Celebration.

Additionally,  Brother Bill Bell is working on the update process of our vital Alumni Database. Without this, nothing will be possible to grow.  We are currently starting up the Newsletter again. We sent one out in November and December. If you did not receive one, that means we do not have a good address for you.  Please contact Bill Bell to help with the update.  The following is a list of the Brothers we are missing.  Should you know of their addresses, please contact Bill.

Howard Achen – 575-523-8663

John Blackley

Tom Stribling

Don Wader

Ray Esquibel

Mike Feely

Bill Herman –

Jim Forgey

John L. Roberts - Deceased

Daniel C de Baca

Gab Michaud-Verreault

Damon Martinez

Pat Daniel

Shad Long

Jonathan Gray

Tim Breneiser

James Lewis

Jonathan Bergstrom

Trinidad Maez

Bob Taichert

Sam Ferando

Bill Hereford

H. Barker

Brandon Bergman

Rick Harrelson

Ron Tucker

Dave Priemazon

Alonzo Castillo

Doug Compton

Mike Rosenblum

Joe Beaver

Stuart Anderson

James Zanios

Chris Albrecht

Jeff Romanowski

Harry Mendoza

Charles Luders

Chris Abeyta

Mark Thomas

Richard Davis

Tom Wintrich

Wilfred MacDonald

Hugh Maxwell

Jonathan Pierangeli

Michael Chafins

David Bird

Fred Sears

Matt Davis

Dave Armour

Richard Meyners

David Boyd

John Fritz

John Merhege

Fred Levis

Zach Levis

Pat Kinney

Gerald Gurule

Robert Hathaway

Steven Johnson

Robert Mathis

John Sandwell

Edson Way

Cody Wooldridge

Melvin Ashbrook

Michael Morse

Greg Bishop
Bill Munsey
Nate Claussen
Marco Martinez
Mark Turner
Richard Pesqueira
Abraham Carreras
Theodore Roberts
Alexander Garth
Bart Yerxa

Ronald Salazar
John Lampton
Stanley Foreman
David Craven
John Braden
William Vickers
David Orr
David Scovill
Juan Sanchez, Jr.
Stephen Ewing
William Davidson
Michael Bullock
H.L. Barker
Tate Whiteman
Thadeus Nowicki
Ed Hampson
John Brandon
James P. Miller
Robert Cochrane
Allen Dale
S. McDowell
Justin Nighbert
Jon Strubhar
William Bonney
Henry House
Corey Ghelfi
Lane Goeffrey
Ernest Suazo
Cory Cipta
John Schuelke
Alan Shetlesworth
Chris Statzula
Charles Anderson
Bruce Hall
Joseph Ichter
Theodore Rice
Greg Krause
Cameron Carreras
Stephen Tokarz
Patrick Haley
Hollis Wilson
Ronald Baca
James Kellerman
Philip Taylor
Chris Pederson
James Harrington
George A. Brown
Don Goodwin
Doug Kelly
William Linthicum
Gregory Porter
Sean Rudolph
Jeff Ruscetti
Thomas Gibson
Ray Barton, IV
Charles Hitt
William M. Brown
Lyle Parker
Paul Robarts
William R. Brown
Richard Thomas
William C. Andrews
Bruce Loring
Gregory Winton
Walter Vomsteeg
John Bills
Robert Beisler
Matthew Silva
John Clem
Benjamin Bouman
Richard Binder
Mark Alford
James Shannon
David P.  Smith
Uyless D. Black
Gene Pachelli
Eric Johnson
John Foran


Russell Riekman
Barry Johnson
John T.B. Jones
Robert Crist
Justin Reid
Charles Sayler
Charles P. Edwards
Robert Corr
Joe Nickson
Russell Shaffer
Joseph Valerio
Joseph E. Garcia
Andrew Starke
Sean Sharpt
Jeff Gruitch
Robert Cummings
Torre Rhodes



Our Chapter is once again gearing up for Fall recruitment.  Over 500 young men have signed up or showed interest in the greek system at UNM.  Should you know of any young men starting at UNM who you would recommend for our Sigma Chi family, please get that info to Austin Dennis.     One of the recruitment events is Aug 20th at the house at 7 PM.  This is the Steak & Cigar night for the potential new members to meet Alumni.  This evening is also for parents of the interested members. Please RSVP for this to Austin also.  We want to make sure the Chapter has enough food.



Yesterday, after a successful recruitment program, our Chapter formally pinned 18 new pledges.  Our kitchen now as a new commercial, stainless steel, double sink installed so the actives have a place to work and cook some of their meals.  On each side of the sinks, is about 5 feet of stainless steel counter space. The house is almost full.  Derby days and Klondike are back.  When you get an opportunity to go visit your old home, the Actives would love to meet you.  This can be a great semester.

Finally we have been able to get to start the rennovation process on the once fabulous kitchen at 1855.  See the photo on the home page.
Soon, we will post the next steps for the kitchen which will include, cabinets, counter tops, stove, microwave and panty storage shelves. Also, we are planning on re-finishing the dining room oak floors.  We are initially projecting a cost of about 10 to 15 thousand, depending on resources.
We are grateful for the unending help from Rhonda Hill, mother of undergraduate Garrett Elders whom we lost last semester. Rhonda created the  Garrett Elders Memorial fund  on behalf of her son, Garrett, who is referred to in the letter from the house.  The memorial fund is mainly supported so far by their friends and family.  The memorial fund has raised close to $5000.00.  In addition to this, Rhonda saw to it that a number of new plants were planted to enhance the exterior of 1855.
Additionally, We are grateful to Brother Alumni Adam Trubow of TAL Realty for stepping up to take charge of the kitchen activities.
This is not intended to be a commercial kitchen.  Those who are residents mat our house (we expect a full house in the fall - for the summer we have 13 living in) need a place to prepare food and once again make some simple, Chapter night Brotherhood dinners.  We are in need of continued funding by our alumni and any ideas our great alumni have to help the rebuilding process move rapidly forward.  Everyones help is needed to continue rebuilding our magnificent house at 1855.
Every Alumm should be proud of the Sigma Chi accomplishments in the past several years, despite a few difficult, challenging times.  We are hopeful that the Chapter will earn its 5th straight Perterson Award.
I am proud to announce the GPA for the Chapter rose again this past semester to a 3.171.  The All fraternity average is 3.007.

This semester, the Chapter initiated 15 new Brothers into our order.  This next semester we would like to have more alumni attend the ceremony. Damon Hudson is now back to the Chapter and is heading up the Alumni Relations.  Be on the lookout for some upcoming events.

Recruitment is about to begin. Should you know of any young men who you think qualify by the Jordan Standard, please contact the Chapter through their web site  and let them know the young man's name so they can contact them.
The Formal Pinning will take place once again at the house.  What for details of time.  All Alumni are invited to attend.

A New Journey is now underway. (June 13, 2010)
The Telos Group, after being a tennant for 5 years at the 1855 property, was not given the option to renew the lease it had with the Sigma Chi Association, as it was time for OUR recolonized Sigma Chi Chapter, to return to the Sig House.
So, the re-colonized Sigs, now 2 and a half years strong, are ready to re-occupy the Sig House. The Chapter has created an incredible resume of accomplishments during that time. They now have complete access to the property to start to establish new memories.  This is still a fine location for the Chapter to be located. Remember the property was purchased in 1928 and the house was built and completed in 1951.
Since that time, 855 Brothers have been initiated into our Order and incredible accomplishments have been made by them in our community.  We now have our re-colonized Chapter of 40 + new Brothers ready to continue the Sigma Chi journey during their undergraduate years at 1855.  The house is approaching 60 years of age and needs serious attention.
That journey, inorder to be successful, calls for the help of our outstanding Alumni. Watch for a list to soon be posted on the web site about the plans and how you can help. We have so much talent in our Alumni, there is no reason we cannot be successful in rebuilding the house.
Welcome to our 6 new undergraduate Brothers.  This places the Chapter size up to 47.
Adrian Avila
Nate Crayton
Zachary Elpin
Adam Ornelas
Arman Salehian
& Steve Weir
Looking forward to the next recruitment and Fall pledge class with the advent of getting back into 1855.  Keep watching for updated information on this process.  Every Brothers help is need to help make this a successful venture.  Please sned in your 2010 dues.  Thank you to the Brothers who have invested in the future of the Sigma Chi Chapter at UNM


Updated 12/14/09
The Sigma Chi Fraternity is composed of three, clearly separate groups which operate for the Good of the Chapter. They are:

  • The Active Chapter - has its own officers elected according to the ritual, from undergraduate Sigma Chi members in good standing with the Chapter.  The Chapter has its own dues and operates under its own by-laws and budget.  The Active Chapter is further governed by the Standard Operating Procedure Manual and Constitution of the General Fraternity and by rules and regulations of the University of New Mexico and Sigma Chi Risk Management. Each member of the Active Chapter in good standing, has a vote on any issue dealing with matters dealing with selling or mortgaging the owned property the House Corporation.

  • The Sigma Chi Association of the University of New Mexico (House Corporation) - receives its authority as a corporation from the State of New Mexico and operates under its own by-laws and articles of Incorporation. The Alumni Chapter elects a Secretary and Treasurer and 5 other Alumni Chapter members to serve as the House Corporation Board of Directors (7 in number) .   The Board of Directors then elect their own officers (president, vice president,  and three members remain members at large) who serve a two year term.  The officers of the Board are elected at their own annual meeting as stated in the house corporation  by-laws. The House Corporation operates on the income produced from the real estate property at 1855 Sigma Chi Rd and any money raised in fund raising programs from members of the Sigma Chi Alumni. The house corporation is responsible for all matters dealing with the real property at 1855 Sigma Chi Rd, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • The local Sigma Chi Alumni  Chapter - receives its authority to exist as a registered alumni Chapter from Sigma Chi headquarters in Evanston. Members of the local Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter are composed of any Sigma Chi Alumnus initiated from any Sigma Chi Chapter and who has paid their annual dues to the local Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter.  The dues are used to pay the operating expense of the Alumni Chapter for items such as a newsletter, postage, web site operating fee's, and social events.  The Alumni Chapter at its annual meeting, elect a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and 3 members at large.

Sigma Chi Vision - posted 9/7/09

What can you as a Sigma Chi Alumnus do to participate in the Sigma Chi vision..........both locally and Internationally.

Sigma Chi's core values are friendship, justice and learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization—aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.

Each brother is unique in their own way and have something special to share. All the participation adds up to growth for the betterment of Sigma Chi. Your participation adds new luster to the white cross. Albuquerque is rich with Sigma Chi’s from all over. There is a wealth of knowledge and talent in our Alumni. What you do, will have a major impact on the future of the Undergraduate members for when they become Alumni. Your participation can have a major impact on their present and future life. Sigma Chi is about sharing.
The Undergraduate Chapter currently has an outstanding group of young men. You would be totally amazed to see what they have accomplished so far. You have the opportunity to be a part of the Chapters strong future.

Here are some ideas as to how you can participate and be a part of the continued success:

      • Attend Monthly luncheons
      • Attend Sigma Chi Business Exchange breakfast - Do business with a Brother when possible
      • Participate in the Alumni Big Brother program - 1 hour a month minimum to have lunch with an undergrad.
      • Pay annual Alumni dues of 35.00 - can be paid on-line - entitles you to vote
      • Let the Chapter know of any young men who you think would be good members.
      • Let the Chapter know of Community events which they could participate in.
      • Attend the Alumni Summer Round-up social in July - a family affair
      • Attend Chapter installation of new members twice a year - 2 hours each
      • Attend Alumni night for RUSH - twice a year - talk with perspective pledges and their parents-1 hour each
      • Get on the list to be a speaker at Career night to share your business success each semester -1 hour
      • Volunteer for Annual Golf Scholarship Tournament operation Tim Keenan ran this for the past 17 years.
      • Play in Annual Sigma Chi Scholarship Golf Tournament - 5 hours
      • Hire a small group of undergraduate members to help with your home projects
      • Hire undergraduates at your place of business when possible
      • Share your expertise with the Alumni and Undergraduates
      • Visit the alumni web site to keep up to date
      • Register your name on the web site. Keep your information current.
      • Visit the Chapter Web site to see what they are doing.
      • Become an Alumni Chapter Officer
      • Become a member of the House Corporation
      • Donate items for the undergraduate garage sales
      • Buy ads for the Derby Days activity - Benefits to the Huntsman Cancer Research
      • Sponsor/host a RUSH event at your home.
      • When the Chapter gets into a house, go by and visit periodically.
      • Attend a Chapter meeting. Renew your self to the ritual where we all got our bond.
      • Donate to the scholarship fund.
      • Donate to the travel fund for Undergraduates to attend the Balfour Leadership Workshop.

With Alumni support and guidance, the Chapter will flourish.
The results of our collective efforts will be priceless.
My Brothers,
Guard Well the Honor of the Cross.

.The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning within our membership.

Sigma Chi Fraternity best serves its purpose by developing, implementing and monitoring programs that foster leadership, build character and promote positive relationship skills which, in turn, enable our members to become productive and caring participants in their families, colleges, business, local Chapter and communities.

12/1/08 Sigma Chi Military Service Pin - Submitted by Evan Jones

Sigma Chi Military Service Recognition Pin Sigma Chi is pleased to recognize honorably discharged or currently serving members of the U. S. and Canadian armed forces, remembering that the White Cross that we wear is the emblem of sacrifice. The virtues displayed through one’s service to country brings honor to the name of Sigma Chi. The award may be bestowed upon a brother who has met the following criteria: Currently serving or honorably discharged from the armed forces, A member in good standing of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

If you know of someone who should receive this recognition, or if you would like to request a pin for yourself, please cut and paste the link below into your brouser bar. The link was too long to make active in this message.  At this site you can access the nomination/request form.


Please send the completed form to: Sigma Chi HQ – Military Pin 1714 Hinman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 Or e-mail the form to Or fax it to Sigma Chi International Headquarters with the subject title, “Military Pin” to (847) 869-4906.