Capital Campaign

Beta Xi in now in its 103rd year as an organization at UNM.  

December 09 Mailing of Brochure

Below is the link that will open up the pdf which contains the brochure that was mailed out. This is a 9 page, color document so it will take a minute to load. The brochure was designed and printed and few were mailed out before the economic conditions changed.  When the economy show signs of recovery in 2009, the brochures were distributed to our Alumni brothers.  It was important to concentrate on getting the Chapter house - back in order for the Centennial Celebration. A number of Brothers visited the house for the 100 year celebration.

Now it is 11 years later and it is urgent that the House Corporation begin the next fund drive. The following is a list of project revenue need for the projects. Do you see a project you have expertise to address or see a project you could raise capital with your pledge class to fund?

Interior Needs:

  Needs Phase 3 electrical upgrade.  50,000.00

  Replace the boiler system with AC and heating system $182,000.00 - The systems is wearing out from age.  The pipes are clogged from age.  Just like our arteries.  This can be done in phases. Dorm, living room, common areas.

  Remove and replace the 6 windows and 2 French doors on the north side of the living room.  $22,000.00 Doors currently on order.

  Remove and replace the 5 windows on the south side of living room $15,000

  Remove and replace windows in the Kitchen 11,000

  Remove and replace windows in west side dorm area 20,000.00

  Remove and replace ballroom windows 5000.00

  Re-carpet the dorm hallways. 2500.00

  Replace lighting and ceiling fans in the living room. $1500.00

  New Living room furniture.??

  New ritual regalia 2000.00

  Remodel the bathroom area upstairs dorm 35,000.00

  Remodel the bathroom area downstairs dorm 35,000.00

  Renovate the old library room downstairs.  Now used as pledge meeting room.  Needs new ceiling, fans, lighting and flooring. Is used for pledge meetings. $3200.00

  Strip the concrete flooring in the ballroom and lower basement area to place a concrete finish 15,000.00

  New lightings and electrical for ballroom 4000.00

  2nd set of washer and dryers

  Metal doors needed in basement leading to Chapter room. 500.00

  Convert area outside of Chapter room to a quiet Study area 8000.00 to 16,000.00

  Renovate old TV room in basement to multipurpose movie projection room $12,000

  Refurbish carved ballroom doors 1800.00

  Wall of Honor 4x8 engraved tiles of members place in the entry way of the house. Sale of tiles to be used for a scholarship fund.

  New Cabinets for kitchen $3800.00

  Ice maker $400.00

Total Interior projections $432,700.00


Exterior Needs:

  Complete exterior finish started 20,000.00

  Install grading to fix flooding issues on south end of property.  19,000.00

  Repave front drive circle and front parking area.  7000.00

  Pave back lot 7500.00

  Repair front balcony 18,000.00- up to 24,000.00

  Repair east porch roof 35,000.00

  Concrete the volleyball sand pit to make multipurpose activity center. $9000.00

  Trim trees 4000.00

  Build courtyard on west side of house by kitchen 25,000.00

  Reduce grass area around perimeter of property to conserve water use. 8,000.00

  At some point new roof over living room and east balcony area. ???

Total Exterior projections - $119,500.00

Total Interior and Exterior -  $552,000.00

Total Items in Green are not primary -  $81,000.00

Immediate Primary needs:  $471,200.00

Long Range

  Solar panels

So how do we give back for what we gained? Its time to pool together our unique talents and resources.  Each alumnus needs to evaluate how they can generously give so renovations can move forward. Lets make visions become a reality! Its vital to help make the Sigma Chi experience better than the one we had.  Is it possible to make our Fraternity Home, the jewel it once was? The House location is now at the heart of the University.  Still privately-owned by the Association. We are part of an organization that has incredible values and opportunity.

The location has great, continued potential and is historically significant. There is continued discussion by the University planning development, to make Yale at Lomas, a major entrance to the University.  Think about what our image should and can continue to be. What can we collectively, NOW accomplish for our future generation of Brothers. What sort of bridge builders will we be?

Any alum with ability in these areas or that have connections or that would take the lead on a certain project, the House Corp would like to talk with you about your ideas. 

Agree or Disagree: Together, more great things can happen for the Brotherhood.

Please direct any questions to Tom Weinshenker 

Guard Well...the honor is in our keeping